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Hello world!

on April 15, 2012

Wow. Hello. Is anyone out there? Is anyone reading this? I can almost hear my words echo!

It’s funny how the internet can seem congested with viewers, readers and opinions, but also a quiet, eerie,  and echoing place.

I’ll remember my manners and introduce myself. My name is Naomi Joy Pearce. ‘Joy’ because my Dad was joyfully singing in the shower the morning I was born – although I do wonder if that’s a cover-up for the fact that they were searching for something that goes with ‘Naomi’. ‘Pearce’ is my husband’s name. I always thought I would hyphen….until I met my husband.  ‘Naomi Prince-Pearce’ would be too much of a mouthful.

I’m married to the man who is my number 1 fan. He makes me happy. I have a kind of expensive taste. Except for food, mouthwash and loo paper. I like driving small cars. My favourite colour to wear is white. My favourite colour to look at is pink, white…..and beige. I love any kind of cake or ice-cream, although I’m not eating a lot of that at the moment!

The crispness of winter inspires me. I love photos. Paullina Simons writes the way I would like to one day. I prefer to let my hair air-dry, although I always feel guilty when I do. I  found out recently that I hate wearing nail polish. I love dogs, but don’t like walking them. It makes me happy there are still decent trees around. I love a bargain – in anything. And……

Something magical happened to me last year.

I had a little baby. He changed my life. He opened up my heart, and I suddenly realised that I had been a mother all my life. I love to talk about him, share pictures of him, and generally rave like a proud mamma.

Now you know about me, but if I left anything out, please ask!



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